Least-squares solver with L1-norm regularization for MATLAB

lsql1reg.m (4KB)

Finds the global optimum to the constrained optimization problem

by setting up the equivalent quadratic program.

Rodrigues parameter conversion for Python (4KB)

Converts between axis-angle and matrix representation for rotation matrices, using Rodrigues parameters. Mostly copied from Andrea Mennucci and Stefano Soatto's MATLAB implementation, and requires the relatively lightweight written by Raymond Hettinger.

Heliometric Stereo (86KB)

An implementation of our ECCV paper on simultaneous photometric stereo and radiometric response estimation for outdoor webcams. See the project page for details and ground truth data.

The Episolar Constraint: Monocular Shape from Shadow Correspondence. (47MB)

An implementation of our CVPR paper on single-view shape from cast shadow constraints, and the data we used in the paper. See the project page for details.