HP Procurve configuration tips

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Block rouge dhcp servers

Load up I_08_105.swi or newer with the command: 'copy tftp flash www.xxx.yyy.zzz I_08_105.swi secondary'
The 'copy tftp flash ...' command is fast, the validation phase takes several minutes.
# boot system flash secondary     # (this takes almost two minutes on 48 port switch)

ssh back in, # config
  dhcp-snooping authorized-server 128.252.zz.ww
  dhcp-snooping authorized-server 128.252.yy.zz
  dhcp-snooping authorized-server 128.252.ww.xx
  dhcp-snooping vlan xyz
  dhcp-snooping trust xy
Now watch the event log (show log) and use show dhcp-snooping stat

to set up ssh and disable telnet

# config
  crypto key generate ssh
  ip ssh
  # now make sure you can ssh in before you  use # no telnet-server

mail server: mail.cts.wustl.edu  email-id: allen