Barbara Abraham-Shrauner 

Senior Professor

Office: 106 Cupples II
Tel. (314) 935-6134
Fax. (314) 935-7500

Harvard University (A.M. 1957, Ph.D. 1962)
University of Colorado (B.A. 1956)

Université Libre de Bruxelles: AAUW Illinois Fellowship
NASA-Ames Research Center : NAS-NASA Fellowship


American  Geophysical Union

American Physical 

Senior Member, IEEE
Phi Beta Kappa

Eta Kappa Nu 
Sigma Xi 
        Fellow, American  Physical Society

Professor Abraham-Shrauner joined the faculty in 1966 at Washington University where she is now a Senior Professor in the Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering.  She retired from full-time service as Professor in July, 2003.

    She continues her research activities part-time as a Senior Professor. She has done research in the past on space plasmas, on plasma theory, on charge effects in blood clotting, on high electric field transport in III-V semiconductors and on sputter depostion by plasmas  of thin films such as GaAs for applications in infrared optoelectronics.
    Currently she is concentrating on theoretical models of plasma processing and symmetry analysis of nonlinear differential equations.  The plasma processing models are of semiconductors used in the fabrication of integrated circuits. The models have included the etching of rectangular trenches and contact holes in silicon dioxide as well as in GaAs.  More recently she has modeled the etching and deposition on silicon in a fluorocarbon plasma. The three regimes of reactive sputtering, fluorocarbon suppression and fluorocarbon deposition were treated with a multilayer model.
     The symmetry analysis continues extensive investigations of Lie point symmetries of plasma problems and especially hidden symmetries of nonlinear ordinary differential equations.  Symmetries of differential equations may be used to simplify the differential equations and many analytic solutions are found as a result of symmetry analysis.   Recent research has included the systematic solution of a model diffusion equation for a fractal system by Lie symmetries with attention to initial and boundary conditions.  The analysis of hidden symmetries of linear and nonlinear partial differential partial equations has discovered a new type of hidden symmetry not seen in ordinary differential equations.

Selected Publications

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