CSE 240: Logic and Discrete Math, Fall 2014

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Tuesday/Thursday, 11:30-1:00pm, Room: Wilson 214

Robert Pless
Office Hours: Thursday 1:30-2:30pm, Jolley 404

TAs and Office Hours:
Office hours are in Jolley 431 Conference room, unless otherwise noted. Joseph O'Sullivan, osullj@wustl.edu, Monday 6-8pm
Eileen Duffner, eduffner@wustl.edu, Tue/Thur, 10-11am
Christine Lucky, c.e.lucky@wustl.edu, Tuesday 1-2, Friday, 12-1
Kevin Hays, k.t.hays@wustl.edu, Wed/Fri 3-4
Jack MacCarthy, Monday 2:30-3:30, Friday 1-2
The best book that I have ever found for this class is: "Discrete Mathematics with Applications" by Susanna S. Epp. Last year when I required this book for the class, the bookstore charged over $300 for it, and the rental was also absurd. I refuse to support such ridiculous pricing, especially for a subject area that has not changed in 100 years. So, I strongly recommend that you buy the book used from Amazon and there are suggested readings in the syllabus below, but there will be no assigned problems directly from the book. Links: Amazon page, amazon used book page.

A final exam will be worth 25% of the grade.
Two in class midterms will each be worth 20% of the grade.
Exams are closed book/closed notes but "Open Chalkboard"
Homeworks will 35%.
Grade cut-offs will not be harsher than:
90% of total possible will give a grade of A- or better.
80% of total possible will give a grade of B- or better.
70% of total possible will give a grade of C- or better.


  1. Alternate Exam (Dec. 9, 11:30-1:30) Sign Up. Exam Location: Lopata 101.
  2. Sample Final Exam here, and solutions are here. Some fixes to those solutions:
    1. Problem 1a: The transitive closure should also include: (2,4), (3,4), (2,3)
    2. Problem 1.d.ii should read (10 choose 2) / (50 choose 2)
    3. Problem 5d: The starting state needs a an arrow to itself labelled "0".
  3. Google Doc Shared Cheatsheet

Approximate Syllabus:

There are suggested readings from the suggested textbook. The best sections to read are indicated with [], and should be read before the lecture.