Code for image annotation and pose estimation.
These are intended for easy integration with Citizen Science projects.

Intelligent Scissors/Livewire Google Code, an HTML5/javascript implementation of an energy based tool to encourage hand drawn contours to follow image edges.

3D Pose Estimator Google Code Repository, an HTML5/javascript implementation of a tool to align, rotation and translate a 3D wireframe to correspond to an object in view.

Code for matlab and web visualizations of image manifolds
Used as we wrote the paper: "A Survey of Manifold Learning for Images", Robert Pless and Richard Souvenir, IPSJ Transactions on Computer Vision and Applications, vol. 1 pp. 83-94, 2009. (bib)
code (zip 12 KBytes).

Code for calibration of cameras to planar laser range finders
Matlab code from our paper: "Extrinsic Calibration of a Camera and Laser Range Finder", Qilong Zhang, Robert Pless, IROS 2004, (bib),
code (zip 2.3 Mbytes).