CSE 439

Mobile Application Development II

Date Topic Assigned Due Slides / Videos
Mon Jan 13 Introduction pdf
Wed Jan 15 Agile Development, Git Integration, AutoLayout Project Proposal pdf .mp4
Mon Jan 20 NO CLASS (Martin Luther King Day)
Wed Jan 22 Developer Tools and Testing pdf .mp4
Mon Jan 27 Pitch Presentations Project Proposal
Wed Jan 29 SwiftUI, App States, Firebase February Plan pdf mp4
Mon Feb 3 Various APIs and SDKs February Plan pdf mp4
Wed Feb 5 Work on project Weekly Standup
Mon Feb 10 Weekly Standup Weekly Standup pdf
Wed Feb 12 Work on project
Mon Feb 17 Weekly Standup Weekly Standup pdf
Wed Feb 19 Work on project
Mon Feb 24 Weekly Standup Weekly Standup, March Plan
Wed Feb 26 Work on project
Mon Mar 2 Weekly Standup Weekly Standup pdf
Wed Mar 4 Work on project
Mon Mar 9 NO CLASS (Spring Break)
Wed Mar 11 NO CLASS (Spring Break)
Mon Mar 16 NO CLASS (Spring Break)
Wed Mar 18 NO CLASS (Spring Break)
Mon Mar 23 Weekly Standup Weekly Standup, Submission to App Store
Wed Mar 25 Work on project
Mon Mar 30 Update Presentation Update Presentation, April Plan
Wed Apr 1 Work on project
Mon Apr 6 Weekly Standup Weekly Standup
Wed Apr 8 Work on project
Mon Apr 13 Weekly Standup Weekly Standup
Wed Apr 15 Work on project
Mon Apr 20 Work on project
Wed Apr 22 Final Presentation Final Presentation

TA Hours

We have a great group of TA's to help this semester. All TA hours will be held in the Mac Lab (Whitaker 316). Any changes to the hours listed here will be noted on Piazza.

Course Information

In this course, students will work in groups to design, develop, test, publish, and market an iOS mobile application. Throughout the semester students will operate in different roles on a team, serving as lead developer, tester, and project manager. Topics include: how to publish a mobile application on an app store, APIs and tools for testing and debugging, and popular cloud-based SDKs used by developers.This course requires completion of the iOS version of CSE 438, Mobile Application Development.


Todd Sproull
Jolley 536

Head TA

Harry Wei
Whitaker 316


Grades are assigned based on performance on individual assignments and group projects. The grading breakdown is listed below:
  • Project proposal (10%)
  • Monthly Project Plan (15%)
  • Weekly standup (20%)
  • App submission by the submission deadline (10%)
  • Midway Presentation (10%)
  • Final Presentation (35%)

Collaboration Policy

For your apps, the code must come from you or your teammates. You are allowed to use portions of code found on the Internet (as long as it is not from another CSE 439 student, past or present).

If you are using a significant amount of code from another website, be sure to include a comment in your submission with the URL to the website. Assume significant means 2 or more lines of code.

Submitting code from another student, from a previous semester, or without proper citation is considered cheating and you will receive an F in the course. I have a zero tolerance policy towards students using code (or derived code) from another student, do not do it.


Your letter grade in this course is based on your semester score, computed as described above. No rounding is performed on your semester score: you must have at least the stated number of points to earn the associated grade. The following table explains how the score is converted into a letter or pass/fail grade:

Score Grade
97 A+ Pass
93 A
90 A-
87 B+
83 B
80 B-
77 C+
73 C
70 C-
60 D Fail
0 F